Personal Brand. Secrets of beautiful portraits

Secrets of beautiful portraits

Since Instagram is a visual social network, photos always dominate the texts. Since the basis of any blog is a personal brand, personal photos in Instagram are much more popular than all the others.

To make your personal brand popular, your personal photos should broadcast the following values:

- I am beautiful!

- I'm active!

- I'm successful!

It does not matter how old you are and what your weight is. Equally beautiful, active and successful can be a seventeen-year-old top model, and a nineteen-year-old lady with an excellent taste and a positive worldview! You are all different - and it's wonderful! This is your uniqueness. This is your personal brand!

Now the main thing is to learn how to show you to your subscribers. And here are some tips on how to make a really cool portrait:

- First, if you havn't got a photographer, do not give up personal photos. Just buy a tripod with a remote control for the phone. 

- Light is the basis of any successful shot. Always take pictures with natural light and forget about the photo under the incandescent lamp forever.

- To get the volume and depth in the frame, the light should fall from the side.

- In order for a person to dominate the portrait, choose the simplest, neutral backgrounds. The main rule here is nothing superfluous. Show beauty in simplicity.

- On the contrary, you can find an interesting textured background: a bright wall with windows, a carved wooden door or a blue fence with peeling paint!

- Use contrast. Contrast can be expressed in color, texture or size. For example, a tiny little man on a background of an endless sky. Or a girl in a black dress against a white wall.

It is always interesting to look at portraits of people engaged in their favorite business. With the help of such portrait, you can tell your subscribers about your work or your hobby. So, the designer can draw sketches, and the confectioner can decorate the cake with cream.

- Add emotions. Subscribers are pleased to see how real you are. So do not be shy to smile, laugh and even fool around in the frame.

If you are not "Аmerican Next top model", then forget about poses from glamorous magazines. The ordinary person can not repeat them. I can not do it!) Be natural in the frame. You can turn away, look down or take a sip of coffee, so that the picture looks like you were "caught" by the paparazzi. Here I highly recommend "peeking", as well-known lifestyles and fashion bloggers are posing.

Few can compete with Kinfolk models in the ability to beautifully and gracefully "hide." And the skill is very good. If for some reason you don't want to show your face in the Instagram, but you would like to add personal photos to your account, just look how to  do it beautifully.

And now try to make a spectacular portrait for your Instagram using these tips!